Whose fate shall allow progression through the ranks to become Champion?
Watch the battles unfold from the views of those putting their skill to the test.

Adventure awaits, Legend.
Do you have what it takes to become the next Champion on the Sea of Thieves?
Prove your worth, sign up now!

It is upon the Sea of Champions where Pirates prove their mettle. Crews from all over the globe compete to earn the right to hoist the Sea of Champions Sails!

Within these halls you will find the fiercest Pirates to sail the seas. To join these ranks one must register an account. Ensure that your Pirate details are accurate, lest ye' walk the plank. Once you have submitted your interest to the Champion fleet keep your eyes and ears at the ready for the bell to be sounded. Twitter and Discord will be your locations of choice to receive the call!

Stay vigilant! For your chance to become a Champion of the Sea has arrived.

The Legends Selected

This website provides you the opportunity to create a Sea of Champions account, filled with all the details required to ensure your eligibility to participate in our events. Please ensure that your information is kept up-to-date for the registration process to run smoothly. All crew members are required to have a Sea of Champions account, in addition to joining our Discord Server. Once an event is announced on our Twitter and Discord, each Captain will need to register for the event and select their eligible crew members. Members can view our rules and requirements to gain a full understanding of our expectations during competitions.

Tournament Breakdown

Our tournament process begins with qualifier matches where brackets of up to five teams will go head-to-head in a best of three format. The top two teams from each bracket will move on to the semi-finals. The Loser’s Redemption will move an additional two teams from qualifiers into the semi-final rounds. The results of semi-final matches will bring the top two teams from each bracket into the Finals, where the four remaining teams will compete across seven rounds for the change to earn the coverted Sea of Champions Sails. Scoring is determined by adding the values for each match placement in a bracket. Placement values are assigned as follows:

First Place: 8 Points
Second Place: 6 Points
Third Place: 4 Points
Fourth Place: 2 Points

For Gold and Glory

These events are geared toward unlocking the true competitive potential of the player base. We aim to inspire pirates to participate in our events, regardless of platform, experience, skill type or ability. Our commitment is to develop a healthy synergy between a variety of skill levels while cultivating an inclusive environment for all to enjoy. To accomplish this we plan to deliver accessible, high quality events open to all. In order to add value to our competitive environment, we are consistently seeking avenues that will enable us to deliver additional rewards to our audience as well as our contestants.

Sea of Champions is a collaborative effort by a group of passionate and talented Sea of Thieves players, with professional backgrounds in visual effects, esports, and event management. After taking home the golden Xbox consoles from the Battle for Orlando, the team decided to build a platform that would allow the entire community to experience the high adrenaline thrills of an organised Arena environment.

With the goal of delivering unique, engaging interactions to contestants and audiences, Sea of Champions utilises proprietary systems to amplify the competitive experience. Not only do we strive to be the premier platform for you to enjoy your favourite swashbuckling naval combat, we also aim to be a driving force in shaping the future of the game in a positive and sustainable way.